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Horror Challenge

I'm doing this because it seems fun and well all I watch in October (okay and most of the year) is horror anyways.

Sadly, almost every movie on this list is from my own collection...yeah yeah I know.

And on with it...

If you actually care to see what I"ll be partaking in...Collapse )

I am not opposed to suggestions for other movies, ESP. ones I haven't seen if that's even possible. Most other lists aren't pre-populated I'm just an organizational freak.

And if anyone else feels like doing it...see the link below.

Stolen - cuz it's awesome.

Fuck Rob Zombie.

One final change might just be the most controversial of them all: The dropping of the famous "Halloween" theme composed by Carpenter. "The plan was at some point to [remake it], to change it around," Zombie said, revealing that it has since been shelved. "The actual way it sounds now doesn't really work with what we're doing."

"We've reimagined the picture," producer Andy Gould added. "Perhaps a reimagining of the sound is in order too."

That's just not right, wankass just spit in every fans face in a huge way (for about the 5th time).

There's a lot of other changes - and though they all suck too this one takes the cake.

I had faith in his decisions with the movie until about 15 minutes ago :X

Nothing like wasting time on uhm cuz you can't sleep.

Which reminds me I have to see which horror conventions I want to go to this summer.

I was driving earlier & seeing how the new Manson shit sounds blasting through my windows and of course was stopped at a light when some kid in a Manson hoodie walked by...he heard it, looked around, noticed it was my car, and whooted and got really excited about it.

I was amused.

Someone make Entourage get interesting again please.

Javascript question?

So any of my web dork friends.

Is it actually possible to have a javascript countdown ON a image background positioned?

Like on:

where the blank space is have it count down the days until May 29.

Or is this only possible in Flash like I am finding through my searches?

Please help me haha.

If it is and you shoot me over instructions I would love you forever.

I may have known the answer to this years ago, but currently all my javascript knowledge has narrowed down to rollovers :X

The main problem I have is this is going to be used as an ad on some random website, so I think absolute positining and the likes will not work when transfered over to said random page cuz well...we have NO idea where they are gonna put it haha.

Most of you won"t care & its LONG AS FUCK...so I cut it...just for you!Collapse )

XXX-Posted to MySpizzle & Perhaps Facebook haha..

Taxicab of doom...

Sooo...does anyone know of a cab service from the Maspeth/Flushing (Queens) area to JFK?

That is cheap, when I say cheap I mean under 30$.
Under $25 would be a lot better.
Under $20 would make me cream my jeans.

Random Birthday presents are only good when you can afford to go through with them.


I joined facebook.


Cuz I am that bored today.
Add me & whatnot.


Does anyone have these fonts on their computer that they can give me.

Futura Book & Sackers Gothic Medium

Pref. for PC's.

I'm trying to do an ecard for someone using these fonts and every time they send them to me they come over as screen savers.

It's annoying the crap out of me & I can't find them for free anywhere.


Tech Face.

Does ANYONE know of a GOOD, WORKING free converter that will convert text & html files to PDF's?


Does ANYONE want to give me a registration key for whatever the fuck Adobe product it is...Reader Pro? Acrobat? InDesign?

Cuz really, these ones that are "printers" that are "supposed to change your files to pdfs" suck major ASS.

And I have about 20 files I need to convert asap.

And I've been again, working for 10 hours straight.


X-posting like your mom wouldnt believe.

I paid all my ebay fees.
So now, I have to see this damn MCR poster that takes up half of my computer room, and so I can pay my mom back for Tracy and I's 121$ phone call while we were in Toronto, oops. I really need to pay her though she just got finded 5200$ for buying cigs online :X

Anyways I am asking you, my lovlies to repost this in your own words cuz I suck at them right now. T
he poster is 26x35, glossy, and lays straight so it can't be folded for shipment, it has to be media mail or something.

You don't HAVE to repost, but if you have a bunch of obvious MCR fans on your friends list here or on MySpace it would be really nice...and maybe stop giving me heartburn.

Here's the eBay addy.


Kthnx :D